I’ve been working, learning, and maneuvering around music and the business since the age of 4. I never cared about whether or not I was good, I just loved to do it. I started my career singing happy birthday for each and every family member I have up until now. In everything I did within the same caliber of music was self-taught. I now sing, write, rap, produce, and engineer myself. Most of what I sing and perform, I wrote and produced myself; aside from any covers of course. I’ve performed at weddings, festivals, and sweet sixteens.

In 2009, I won the NJN Hispanic Youth Showcase which came with a beautiful Celia Cruz Scholarship award. Along with that I also love to act, and model. I auditioned for the Lion King in elementary school and made it pretty far in the auditions, but didn’t get the part. That didn’t stop me because  a couple years later I got the lead role in the two of my high school plays. Joining the drama club really helped me learn how to interact on the stage and improve my overall performance.

Now I just look forward to my next performance or studio session every time I get off that stage.


EMAIL: danthony.bly@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @_isinghiphop

TWITTER: @_isinghiphop

SOUNDCLOUD: Justinlovemusic



Every once in a while a new artist comes along and takes the rap game by storm, Omar is no different. Straight out of the Bronx, New York, 19 year old hip hop artist Omar is far from average and is a force to be reckoned with. His combination of lyrics over gritty trap beats connects the hip hop heads with the trapsters and a birth to a new sound of music. His style is something that cannot be duplicated. Since 7 years old he’s been at it and with 2 mixtapes in, “Look Who He Became” (March 31, 2014) and “Insomniac” (November
2, 2014) it shows. No slowing down for this Bronx native as he only gets
stronger with every new release. This is only the beginning for Omar and his
“NewBoss” crew.


Email: Omar.garvey@gmail.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/revisioninc

Instagram: @Omar_Garvey

Twitter: @Omar_Garvey



Born in Washington, D.C., Lena Chanel discovered a passion for music at an early age. She was surrounded by music growing up in a home full of musically inclined siblings and parents. Eventually, she began to write and record her own songs, gaining studio experience that has now been very beneficial—while also studying dance for about 6 years. In junior high, she started off as a member of an R&B girl group, which lasted about two years before all 3 members decided to become solo artists. Throughout high school, Lena stayed involved in the music scene by being a member of the school’s vocal ensemble, while also participating in talent shows, concerts, and other musical events. She became very serious about her music, and made the decision to attend Full Sail University in Florida, studying Recording Engineering & Music Business, while growing and learning as an artist.

At Full Sail University, Lena Chanel began to work on her first, self-titled, EP. She then joined “Clergy,” a team of uniquely talented musicians, and began to perform and compete at events and record quality music while evolving as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Her project, “Lena Chanel EP,” was released March 9, 2012 and her first official music video was released April 19, 2013. After the release of the project, Lena received a large amount of blog write-ups, social media reposts, and features on music sites.

Since her first EP, Lena Chanel has consistently released new music for her fans. In July 2014, she released her first official iTunes single, “No More,” which did extremely well on the web, receiving almost 50,000 plays on Soundcloud. She also has a very strong social media presence, with thousands of Instagram and Twitter followers. Lena appeared on the cover of the September 2014 issue of an independent magazine, “Underground Empire Magazine,” and continues to interview and give out more information on her upcoming EP “VIVID.” This new EP will be releasing at the top of 2015, along with a brand new music video.


EMAIL: Lenachanelmusic@gmail.com






KUEST is a 25-year-old hip-hop artist from New York City. He currently lives in Brooklyn and is working on cultivating a scene for true artistic expression. His first LP A WORK IN PROGRESS has been well received in the underground circuit. Performing at different open mic nights and showcases such as No Malice Palace, Sapphire Lounge, Pyramid, Rap Skool, and many others. While currently finishing up his second album ABSENT ADOLESCENTS, he is working towards expanding his fan base and performing at larger venues.

This album is a mature and conceptual approach towards the transition to adulthood and the lost traveler mindset that represents him. In addition to having an audio engineering degree from the Institute of Audio Research, Kuest consistently works on his craft as a song writer, working with other artists and is in the middle of recording an acoustic solo demo.

Kuest’s influences include a vast range of artists since music is his passion and first love. Radiohead, Nirvana, Notorious BIG, Silver Sun Pickups, Manchester Orchestra, 2 Pac, Lupe Fiasco, Big L , Syles P, Nas and Stack Bundles just to name a few. School Boy Q, Ab-soul, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Danny Brown and Tyler the Creator are a few hip hop currently having the most impact on Kuest.

Kuest is in the process of putting together THE HIGHER LEARNING Tour of New York colleges. He aims to make the Lost Traveler brand the universal symbol of anything he is creatively involved in: a collection of artists who stay true to themselves and their Art form.


EMAIL: Kuestmusic@gmail.com



SOUNDCLOUD: jonnykuest.soundcloud.com




This trio of beautiful young women who, just like the inspiration for their name are not afraid to go against the grain. Their grit and determination is matched only by their sexy, confidence that embody that undeniable NY edge, with a universal appeal.

The group’s bold approach to their music reflect what men think and most females are afraid to speak.

Rapper Gia Milani and Sha recruited their talented longtime friend, Nala’Ve to join forces and fill the void that the music industry has been craving.

Their vocal style and verstility can be compared to groups that include En Vogue, Destiny’s Child and TLC, while their stage performance keeps you wanting more!

These young trendsetters are poised to claim their stake in music history!


EMAIL: Middlegroundent16@yahoo.com







Corey Cambridge (previously known as Corey McLemore) brings his own brand of positivity into the hearts of anyone who respects big honesty and great music.

The Richmond native now calls New York his home (“Richmond raised me. Brooklyn now claims me.”).







Alex Mali, a talented female vocalist/songwriter at the age of 20 (born on March 21, 1994), blooms into a musical flower straight out of the Concrete Jungle. She has developed a fan base while in high school up to present day, performing live at many functions and events around NYC and CT, such as “Soul of Brooklyn’s” annual launch party, local bars in Hartford CT, the “Bijou Theatre” and many other public events.

However, Mali was never able to record any music for the public to keep. That all changed after releasing her first track on January 1, 2014 “Is it Love”, produced by Afrokeys, which gained 2k + plays and counting. Mali brings excitement and good vybes to any stage she steps foot on, any track she features on, and will leave you dripping with anxiety, waiting for her next move.

Contact Info:

Email: iamalexmali.mail@gmail.com


Instagram: @MAINLYMALI



Every once and a while, there’s a a group of young man who can cross gender, racial and any other type of line there is; and on july 20 2011 in Harlem, NY, dark boyz was formed and on the rise make way threw the city of new york , dark boyz was taught that excellence was not an accident, but that it happened for a purpose. It was instilled in them, that despite being on the raised in an economically challenged area, a good work ethic, determination and the desire to excel would take them far. By the weather time, the dark boyz and those around them, began to realize that they possessed the power that could touch people to the core and resonate through the soul. cheese o realized that he had a team prodigy on hes hands and began letting them perform in the parks cookouts. The dark boyz quickly spread and was requested to perform at parties, school and local talent shows, as well as family events. dark boyz continued to perform through out the hood, dark boyz realized that they had a natural inclination towards freestyling, as lines and lyrics came easily to them. they loved beating the competition with there raps and then wooing the ladies with there dark boyz lifestyle .dark boyz continues to successfully dominate the competition in the NYC area. In 2011, dark boyz began to showcase there talent to the public by using networking websites, such as Myspace and Youtube facebook. dark boyz soon became familiar faces, tallying over 700,000 youtube views. they also began to record and put out songs which led to them to meeting there mentors, cheese o and jkeys. Together, the two of them had things buzzing in the tri-state area and were known as Stadium Status. dark boyz has an eclectic taste in music and enjoys listening to and creating music of all genres, refusing to be categorized. they has penned songs and collaborated with a diverse group of artists including Jim Jones, jada kiss and new YouTube pop sensation jr writer; writing the smash hit getem?, which has garnered over 15 million plays. there newest mixtape now or never has a huge underground following. Those in the know, have been requesting it from DJ?s and various radio stations across the country, causing it to become a part of the rotation in more than one city?and this is before it has been officially released. The dark boyz recently released there debut mixtape album called “black label”.


EMAIL: cheese13482@yahoo.com

INSTAGRAM: @dark_boyz

TWITTER: @dark_boyz2



New York City’s hidden treasure, Quinyae is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA. Quietly writing and recording her debut EP, “DBLL (Don’t Believe Love Letters),” Quinyae is excited to finally share her music with the world for the first time. With classic vibes reminiscent of the 90s, current hip-hop grooves, and hypnotizing lyrics, she has created a genre-bending sound. Quinyae likes to call it “vibe right” music–music that transcends real life and allows her to sweep her listeners away to a brief retreat in musical paradise.

Performing since the early age of eight, Quinyae knew she was destined for the stage. She accredits her singing to a lifetime as a performance artist and participation in programs such as the Tri-Cities High School Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Program in East Point, GA and Atlanta’s Spelman College Glee Club. Relocating to Brooklyn in January of 2013, her time spent here in New York has not only inspired her growth as a musician, but also as a songwriter. Quinyae is definitely the up-and-coming artist to keep on your music radar.


EMAIL: Sturdivant.Quinyae@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.Quinyae.com

SOUNDCLOUD: Soundcloud.com/quinyae

INSTAGRAM: @QuinidadJames



EarthTone (born Naquan Williams) is a seasoned combo artist hailing from East Orange, NJ. From the age of six he fell in love with the genre and was groomed in what most consider the “Golden Era”. Though heavily impacted by the hip hop culture, his influences range from The Eagles to Erykah Badu.

EarthTone grew up writing and performing his music after his older brothers discovered his innovative talents. A multi-faceted individual, he would go on to excel in academics and athletics, garnering an opportunity to play NCAA Division 3 basketball for an acclaimed liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. Four years and a bachelor’s degree later, and he would go on to attend the Institute of Audio Research in New York City where he learned the basics of audio engineering and music production. From there he would blend those new skills along with his given talents to become the captivating artist he is today.

EarthTone specializes in hip hop production, song writing, and MC’ing. His sound is best described as “High-Grade Hip Hop”, combing abrasive lyrics filled with 3rd listen undertones and beats that mirror early Kanye and J Dilla. A few of his favorite MC’s include: Black Thought, Homeboy Sandman, Curren$y, Busta Rhymes, and Styles P. What separates EarthTone’s muziq is its openly gay yet subtle content in an ironic landscape; The Hip Hop Arena. He has a way of bringing you close to the thoughts of a “gay hip hop head”, without making you feel uncomfortable.  Have a listen and you’re sure to be entertained and refreshingly informed.


EMAIL: Earthtonedaproducer@gmail.com

ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gmale-the-ep/id895936459

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/EarthToneMuziq

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/earthtonemuziq

YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/earthtonemuziq

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/earthtonemuziq

SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/earthtonemuziq83




Tony Collins is the new fresh voice of R&B coming out of NYC. He has been perfecting his craft sing the tender age of 15, and now he is finally ready to unleash all of his talents to the rest of the world. his biggest influence is his mother, who also aspired and pursued a singing career in her earlier years.


EMAIL: tcollinsmgmt@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/tonycollinsnyc

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/tonycollinstalk

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/tonycollinsmusic

YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/tonycollins718